June 10, 2015

System Solutions

System Solutions of EnVision LLC.

Envision can help you with chosing a dynamic system solution for your business.  Please give us a call for an expert consultation.
Sumitomo Technologies


Our sole dedication to the advancement of optical fiber technology and exceptional service to the customer — then and now — has positioned Sumitomo Electric Lightwave as a major industry leader in the innovation, design, development, and manufacturing of optical fiber and connectivity solutions for fiber optic communication, wireless, residential broadband, CATV, FTTx, data center, and enterprise networks.

By providing the industry’s highest quality, most reliable, and advanced optical fiber, fiber optic cable, fusion splicing equipment & accessories, field installable connectors, passive components, FTTx solutions, and FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber® and Air-Blown Cable, SEL is the trusted solutions provider for today’s most prominent optical fiber outside plant and inside plant network deployments.

Vicor Corporation




Vicor Corporation designs, manufactures and markets innovative, high performance modular power components, from bricks to semiconductor-centric solutions, to enable customers to efficiently convert and manage power from the wall plug to the point-of-load. Complementing an extensive portfolio of patented innovations in power conversion and power distribution with significant application development expertise, Vicor offers comprehensive product lines addressing a broad range of power conversion and management requirements across all power distribution architectures, including CPA, DPA, IBA, FPA and CBA. Vicor focuses on solutions for performance-critical applications in the following markets: enterprise and high performance computing, telecommunications and network infrastructure, industrial equipment and automation, vehicles and transportation and aerospace and defense electronics.

At Vicor, we enable customers to efficiently convert and manage power from the wall plug to point-of-load. We master the entire power chain with the most comprehensive portfolio of high efficiency, high-density products enabling the widest range of architectural applications.

Vicor’s holistic approach gives power system architects the flexibility to choose from modular, plug-and-play components ranging from bricks to semiconductor-centric solutions. And by integrating our world-class manufacturing and applications development we can quickly customize our power components to meet your unique power system needs.

BCM Advanced Research


BCM is A Leading Supplier in Industrial Motherboards & Embedded Computing Systems Since 1990

Established in 1990, BCM Advanced Research (BCM) has grown rapidly in the computer motherboard industry, transforming itself from a high-volume manufacture for many of the top brand name personal computer companies of the 1990s to a recognized embedded motherboard value leader for companies looking to reduce costs yet maintain product stability in their PC based/ controlled products. Today BCM is known as one of the global suppliers of industrial motherboards and embedded computing systems in the industry. We offers wide ranges of standard products as well as flexible custom design services for our ODM/OEM customers. You’ll find our products in many of the everyday devices you encounter including self-serve kiosks, POS, digital security systems, sophisticated medical equipment, airport x-ray scanners, slot machines, digital signage, automated lottery terminals, advanced testing and measurement equipment. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality in ISO 9001/14001/13485 facilities with an emphasis on flexibility and cost effectiveness. Our strengths consist of:

  • In-house R&D Engineering
  • In-house CAD Design and Thermal Simulation
  • Streamlined Design Process
  • 100% Owned Manufacturing Factory in Taiwan
  • Global Sourcing and Logistic Management
  • Intel IoT Solutions Alliance Associate Partner
  • NXP Connect Proven Partner
  • Customer-Oriented Services
  • Exceptional Customer Support

We Provide High Quality Computing Solutions:

  • Scalable performance and a wide range of products from industrial grade boards to computers for various markets
  • High level of integration and gaming specific features
  • Advanced Hardware roadmap for ongoing migration to newer technology or platforms
  • Global regulatory certifications
  • Long product lifecycle capable for 24/7 operation


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